Nov. 12 - Feast of St. Josaphat


Excerpt from Great Vespers:

O great martyr Josaphat,* you were a true priest until the time of your death.* As a priest you were a minister of the ineffable mysteries of Christ.* You poured out your blood as did Christ our God,* presenting yourself as an acceptable sacrifice.* Because of that, you are confident in his presence.* Pray for the faith of those who observe and venerate your all-holy memory,* so that your flock and the whole world* may be delivered from all dangers, invasions, enemies, and sieges.


St. Josaphat is the first bishop-martyr of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. He was martyred Nov. 12, 1623 by an axe blow striking his head.

O Holy Hieromartyr Josaphat, pray to God for us sinners!

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