Nov. 7 - Continuing "True Devotion" on this First Saturday of November

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As promised yesterday, I couldn’t complete my post on some “exterior” practices of “True Devotion” so I’m continuing paragraph 116 from St. Louis De Montfort today.

Today is also the First Saturday of November which is a special day of Reparation requested by Jesus and Mary and given to Sister Lucia of Fatima in their apparition to her in Spain, in 1925.
For more on First Saturdays’ devotion see: HERE.

Below are the remaining “exterior devotions” listed by St. Louis De Montfort in “True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin”, in paragraph 116:

(7) Singing hymns to her or teaching others to sing them.

(8) Genuflecting or bowing to her each morning while saying for example sixty or a hundred times, “Hail Mary, Virgin most faithful”, so that through her intercession with God we may faithfully correspond with his graces throughout the day; and in the evening saying “Hail Mary, Mother of Mercy”, asking her to obtain God’s pardon for the sins we have committed during the day.

(9) Taking charge of her confraternities, decorating her altars, crowning and adorning her statues.

(10) Carrying her statues or having others carry them in procession, or keeping a small one on one’s person as an effective protection against the evil one.

(11) Having statues made of her, or her name engraved and placed on the walls of churches or houses and on the gates and entrances of towns, churches and houses.

(12) Solemnly giving oneself to her by a special consecration.

The last one on the list is my favorite! If you have read “True Devotion” and been blessed by God’s Grace to consecrate yourself totally to Jesus through Mary, praying the Consecration Prayer after making the 33 day Preparation St. Louis De Montfort describes in “True Devotion”, then perhaps it has become your favorite way of honoring Jesus through Mary too.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your Faithful. Jesus, we trust in You! Mary our Mother and Model pray for us!

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