Novartis Japan admits concealing drug side effects


The Japanese unit of Swiss pharma giant Novartis has admitted it did not report more than 2,500 cases of serious side effects in patients using its leukaemia and other cancer drugs, reportedly including some fatalities.

In July, Japanese prosecutors laid charges against the unit over claims** that falsified data was used to exaggerate the benefits of a popular blood-pressure drug.**

They also indicted a former employee, Nobuo Shirahashi, alleging he manipulated the data in clinical studies that were later used in marketing the drug Valsartan.

I think this happens much more than we think it does even in the US.

Birth control pills have been marketing under hundreds of different names to conceal blood clot deaths. Our emergency rooms have dealt with so many cases of potential deaths and these girls were saved by good medical care.


Novaris is a major drug company that is very well known internationally. Kind of reminds me of the movie “The Fugitive”.

An experimental heart drug developed by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis shows promising results. The new drug, currently referred to as “L C Z 696” may change the course of treatment and prolong the lives of patients suffering from heart failure. For some insight, Dr. Clyde Yancy, Professor of Medicine and Chief of Cardiology at Northwestern University joins Hari Sreenivasan via Skype from Windham, New Hampshire.

Surprised there isn’t more news on this.

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