November 5th: the day we get beaten up and laugh!


It’s here again, that momentous day when we Brits celebrate Bonfire Night, otherwise known as ‘Fireworks’ Night, ‘Guy Fawkes’, and to some, a more sinister ‘Anti-Rome’ Day.

All over the UK lots of children and adult will be celebrating, either going to organised firework events or having firework parties in the garden.

Catholic children and adults will be joining in the fun as much as their Protestant neighbours. For the most part, it is not intended as anything sinister against Catholics by the vast majority of Protestants.

But for some, it has a more sinister dimension. They will be burning effigies of Pope Benedict and the late John Paul 2. There will be shouts of ‘death to the catholics’ and ‘death to the catholic church’. Some catholics will wake tomorrow to find their cars have been subjected to ‘practical jokes’, punctures, broken windscreen washers, a potato jammed up the exhaust pipe and on rare occasions, brake pipes cut and bodywork keyed.

But, do we catholics shout and scream? When was the last time you heard of us protesting that we were being vicimised? Do we set about avenging ourselves and our property?

No. We take it all in our stride and thank God it could have been much worse. :thumbsup:


Penny for the Guy?


Consider it as your martyrdom for the day.:smiley: Your reward will be great.


Penny for the Guy?

Only a penny? We got a penny in 1960’a when 1d [for the benefit of the youngsters-no I am not dyslexic], was 0.04% of a man’s average wage. Today 1p is only 0.003%

You know what you can do with your penny!!! :rolleyes:


Consider it as your martyrdom for the day. Your reward will be great.

Martyrdom? Yer having a laugh, aint got time to worry about martyrdom: too busy in attic trying to get central heating to work!!


My wife is Welsh, She always reminisces about Guy fawkes day when she was a child in Aberdere. I never realized until your post it had anything to do with the Pope. i cant wait for her to get back so i an ask her is she ever burned the Pope when she was a kid!ar


Alas, sadly the Pope has been burned more times than my efforts to turn bread into toast!:rolleyes:


Do they also have a Battle of the Boyne day? Where they make fun of Catholics for losing this battle?


Guy Fawkes died out early in the US. Thank God.


Until fairly recently, I only knew that Guy Fawkes was a man who had been executed for treason to Elizabeth the first. I didn’t even know that he was Catholic. Blame it on my poor American public school education.:stuck_out_tongue:


Has anyone seen V for Vendetta? I love that movie… (And yes, it is relevant!)


No. But it is on my Netflick list, so I will view it.


Ah yes, Guy Fawkes Day. It cemmemorates the uncovering of the Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and other disaffected Catholics tried to blow up Parliament with the King inside. So the British government made the day a holiday, in which effigies of Fawkes are burned (as well as those of the Pope, until very recently), and fireworks are set off. The British sure do know how to hold a grudge (No offense to any Brits on this board).

The motive of Fawkes and the other conspirators was to incite a rebellion against King James, and install a Catholic monarch. James had refused to grant equal rights to Catholics. Unfortunately, the plot backfired against England’s Catholics; being Catholic was equated in the minds of many with treason. And had the plot succeeded, the persecution of and backlash against Catholics would have been 10 times worse. It just proves Pope Benedict’s Resenburg speech; you cannot spread religion through violence.

Pax Tecum,


Hmmm…well it worked in England. It was originally Catholic after all. But after Henry, Edward, and the rest were done it was Protestant. Englands “conversion” was not accomplished without blood. Perhaps we should declare November 6th to be “Recusant Day”.


Do they also have a Battle of the Boyne day? Where they make fun of Catholics for losing this battle?


Ask any Northern Irish Catholic to tell you in less than 2000-words and they will fail.

‘A day’? No…they celebrate for a week!!!:frowning:


To be fair to our dear Protestant brothers and sisters in Christ, there are a lot of Protestants who do not gang up on Catholics.

In fact, I understand that by and large relations between the two are contrary to the rhetoric, excellent. Like most things, it is just the fringe minority who get the rest a bad name. Most Protestants distance themselves from any sort of intimidation.


If it were for a week I’d be grateful, but it goes on for much longer, nothing like rubbing your nose in it, then those same people have the ordasity to wish us Happy Christmas.


**The “marching season” is the period between Easter Monday and the end of September, when more than 3,500 parades are held throughout Northern Ireland. **


Well, it’s a good thing that the day has changed enough in meaning that Catholics can join the party too. Are there really still anti-Catholic people who take it seriously as a “death to catholics” sort of thing? That strikes me as… um… well a lot of times people look for reasons to be offended…


Well I can safely say that neither I nor anyone I know has ever experience said discrimination and Guy Fawkes Night is fun for everyone. :slight_smile:


Alan Moore, creator of V for Vendetta (Do NOT compare it to the excreble movie that Moore had his name taken off of) once wrote to the artist on the series that the English should be celebrating Fawke’s attemp, not burning him in effigy

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