novena beads

how can one make their own novena beads or were too buy them

I purchased a 9 bead chaplet with a Saint Michael medal from this website and am very happy with the quality and appearance. They do absolutely beautiful work. I just finished using it for a Novena this week. Peace

I have just returned from a Pilgrimage through Italy and purchased what I thought was a rosary, but now I see that there are only 3 beads in each section. Is this a novena rosary and if so how do I pray it?

Hi janeylou,

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It seems like you may have bought some kind of chaplet, perhaps?

Chaplets are generally used to pray to the angels or saints, asking for their intercession.

Here is a link to the Catholic company website that sells both Rosaries and Chaplets, just so that you can take a look at them for a matter of comparing them, to see what they look like, to see if yours happens to be on this website.

If you can’t find yours, then I would ask your pastor/parish priest to help you identify yours. :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the Catholic company website:

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