Novena Before Saint Feast Day

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I noticed that some people pray a novena and end it on a Saint’s feast day? Does it make a difference at all if one were to pray at any day and end any day of the year for a particular novena? I am just curious. I never prayed it that way. Is it an effective means of receiving special graces and special intentions being answered? For example if St. Philomena’s feast day is on August 11, when do I start and end the novena? Do I start August 3 and end it in her feast day which is August 11? Please, I would like to hear any of your input on this
Thank you.

Parishes tend to do it the nine days prior and conclude on the actual day because they also hold a Novena of Masses concluding with a parish wide Feast day celebration. We do every year, and end with the nearest Sunday.

You can pray a Novena any time and in any way you wish. Novena means 9 days.
It’s a private devotion.

People do believe that they are most effective around the time of the feast day, but God hears all f our prayers whenever we pray them well. No worries.

My patron , St. Clare of Assisi celebrates her feast day as Aug. 11.
St. Philmena has other feast days, depending on who you talk to. :wink:

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