Novena for our Nation starting August 15

Anyone else in USA signing up for Novena for Our Nation? Fr. Heilman says there are over 30,000 people signed up already and he just put the post up today. It’s awesome that so many fellow Americans are willing to pray for our country (we need it). You can sign up at if you want to join in the prayers starting August 15.

I’m also looking forward to the rosary rally in October. It will be my first one. As it’s an event that is devoted to prayer rather than politics, I can get behind that. I don’t really like political marches and have gone on very few.

My Parish is having this Novena and I will be attending.


Is this through PrayMoreNovenas?

It’s being run by Fr. Heilman who also did the 54-day Novena for President Trump’s protection (which just ended) and has done others in the past such as a Novena for Our Nation last year, a novena just before the election, a Nineveh 90 prayer and renewal program earlier this year, etc.

I find them really easy to follow as the daily reflections get posted on and also on Facebook, or you can get them in the email. I just finished the 54-day Novena for Trump and found it to be a positive experience. The novenas usually have a component of physical health/ penance so I was walking 10,000 steps a day on most days in addition to doing the prayers for this past one. If you just told me to walk 10,000 steps a day for my health I wouldn’t have any motivation, but for a penance I made myself do it on most of the days except for a few where I was sick or was very busy with work and couldn’t fit the walking in.

There is a link to the novena in the first paragraph, but it didn’t show up as clickable…

Thank you Kevin!

Excellent, thank you
As an aside: Did you read that thread about the eclipse form the priest in England?

I read the eclipse thread just now and my eyes sort of glazed over. Not to dis the work the good priest may be doing with best intentions but (a) it’s a little above my pay grade to follow all that, (b) it seems to rely on a lot of assumptions, © some of it sounds similar to 3 am speeches from friends I have had who ingested things they probably shoudn’t have.

At this point I think I will just be following Padre Pio’s advice to “pray, hope, and don’t worry” and leave the astro stuff to the experts.

I signed up. Hopefully I will have my ammo box by then!

Would like to go to the rally also.


Yeah. I was thinking the same. But it is fascinating…
God bless! :slight_smile:

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