Novena Mass???

Could anybody explain what a Novena Mass is. I was out of town and attended church on a Catholic University campus where the Mass took place. A woman gave what I think was the homily. I’m a bit confused on this as I have never heard of a Novena Mass. Can anyone give me any info on this. Thanks

We have a Novena of Masses culminating with the Parish Feast Day.

But what you describe??? Nope. Never heard of such. :confused:
Could you give any more details?

Oh…my Jesuit parish in Albuquerque had this annually…but, the part that surprised me was lay people speaking “preaching” in place of the homily which you mentioned.

Never heard of that being done.

Did you attend the 12:15 prayer service or the 5:15 Mass service? Typically, if a novena is schedule with Mass, it will take place either right before or right after the Mass. But not during it.

I attended the 5:15 Mass. Right after the Gospel reading, read by the Priest, the Priest prayed over the woman and then she got up and gave what I took as a homily.

this sounds weird. perhaps you can ask the priest?

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