Novena question


So, I’m in the midst of my second 54-day rosary novena, and I’m enjoying it very much. (Even though I’m totally not an expert on this sort of thing…and I still need some practice on how not to get distracted during prayer.) :smiley:

I’m thinking of starting a similar novena with a different group of people in the future. But, I don’t really know much about these things and I have some questions.

-Can we come up with a special intention for each day? 54 different intentions all together. (I mean, in addition to whatever the individual members are praying for, obviously.)

-If you miss a day, do you usually say 2 rosaries on the next day to make up for it, or what?

-Does anyone have any additional advice or suggestions? :confused:


There are no hard and fast rubrics that dictate how we pray a novena. Technically, a novena is a nine-day prayer anyway. :wink:

I see no problem with praying as you suggest. Lots of pro-life groups will do forty-day “novenas” for life, and I’ve seen some that pray for a different life-related intention every day.

Remember, praying a novena is not like saying a magic spell. It’s not as though, if you miss a day, God will then ignore your prayers and the whole novena will be for naught. If I’m praying a novena and miss a day, I just push the “ending date” back a day. If you’re praying in a group (as it appears you are), then it would probably make sense for those that forget to “double-up” so as not to slow down the whole group. But, if it’s a matter of the whole group missing it, then I would just push it back a day.

I would just like to add that I think it’s awesome you have a group that is willing to get together and pray this way. That is truly a great blessing. The important thing is to keep praying! :slight_smile:


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