Novena Question

Im wanting to start a novena because I am torn about a decision about relocating to another state. Which Novena would be the best?

When things seem to be impossible, St. Jude can interceed for you. There is a 9-day St. Jude Novena. You can keep go back again again with this Novena, and have faith that He could help ask God for you.

Wherever you go, make sure in your prayer that you will be there to server and praise the Lord as the most priority thing. Other things are after it.

In my case, I have moved down to Texas from PA. I was praying with St. Jude as well as St. Rita for help. I get settled down here and have lots of time for praise and worship.

Also, last night, I was almost late for voting. I prayed with St. Jude to make this impossible happen. I got to the voting place right on the dot. I was the very last person that the voting officials allowed me to vote.

I also pray Rosary - which I believe the most powerful prayer.

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