Novena to St. Dominic for Fallen Catholics


I just began this novena yesterday for the intentions of my sister and best friend, who are both non-practicing catholics, and very much opposed to many catholic teachings.

Should I tell these individuals that I am praying this novena for them? I am thinking that by telling them, one of a few things may occur–they will become hostile with me that I am trying to change their lifestyles by the hocus pocus of prayer (how they would characterize prayer), or they may ridicule my humble attempt.

A weird thought came to me. By telling someone that they are being prayed for, would this someone jinx the purpose of the prayer?–like announcing ones’ wish before blowing out the birthday candle (such wishes are said to be left secret or they will not come true according to popular myth).

I believe in the power of prayer and I know that God will work miracles in their lives. In this regard, it would seem unnecessary to reveal my prayer intentions to anybody, and allow God’s will to take care of things.


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