Can somebody please tell me how many prayers I should use when asking a saints intercession. I would like to make a request of St Jude and have never used my chaplet before. There is a wealth of information on the web most of it conflicting so now I’m confused can anyone tell me how to do it properly.

This can vary. Some only say one prayer. A novena is a (Nine day) prayer. You say certain prayers for nine days. Sometimes it is the same prayer each day, sometimes a different prayer each day. They have little booklets with these prayers available at some churches. It is most important that you pray from your heart. You can kneel down and in your own words ask for an intersession by a particular saint. It helps if you learn a little about the saint that you chose. There are great biographies of the saints on line.

May God bless you for your devotion to his servants,
Deacon tony

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I didn’t explain my self very well, is it usual to include Our Father, Hail Mary and glory be at the end of the prayer?
If so how many of each…for instance the novena prayer I will be using finishes with one of each from one source, and nine of each from another…

No fixed rules need be laid down, generally speaking, for the making of a novena beyond that of persevering in prayer through the space of nine days – following the example of the Apostles who prayed for nine days for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The Novena can also be done for 18 days – 9 days of prayer of petition followed by 9 days of prayer of thanksgiving even if the request hasn’t been answered yet. There is also a 54-day novena – three 9-day Novena’s in prayer of petition followed by three 9-day Novena’s in prayer of thansgiving.

The efficacy of any novena depends in great measure on the piety and devotion of the individual. The following suggestions will increase the fervor of your novena: [list=1]*] Participate, if possible , in the public novena services, since there is added efficacy in the union of the faithful at prayer.

*] Receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion during your novena.

*] Promise an act of public gratitude, should your petition be granted; have holy Mass celebrated in thanksgiving; make your favor public for the encouragement of others; spread devotion to the Novena

*] While making your request, be sure to honestly leave yourself open to God’s will – meaning be willing to accept God’s answer even if it comes in a way that you do not expect or want. [/list] … Hope this helps.

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