Novenas, Chaplets

Does anyone know how novenas and chaplets to specific saints come into being? Do they have to be given by revelation only and specifically approved or can they be created by lay-persons for use in their own private devotions?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but surely in your own private prayers you’re allowed to pray pretty much any way you want - unless it’s blasphemous or idolatrous or something.

After all, every devotion now used and promoted publicly (the Rosary, the Divine Mercy and all the other Chaplets) had to start from an individual or individuals somewhere.

Some have supernatural origins (e.g. Divine Mercy Chaplet, St. Michael Chaplet) but most have been created by religious or lay people. The Rosary is kind of a combination–it evolved over time, but then got the finishing touches and stamp of approval from Our Lady.

So, it’s definitely a praiseworthy activity to write prayers–and who knows, maybe you’ll get some supernatural help :slight_smile: .

Make sure you post what you come up with :slight_smile:

While you are on the subject… :o
I missed a day in my St Joseph’s novena. Do I need to start over?

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