Novenas to Servant of God who is not canonized?

Is it allowed to pray a Novena to someone who has only been declared a “Servant of God”. Are there any PUBLIC prayers that can be used.

If not, at what point is it allowed?

Thank you!

Anyone can privately choose to pray to any deceased person but canonized saints can be publicly venerated throughout the entire Church.

The title of “Servant of God” is given to those whose lives are under investigation of possible canonization. In this phase the person’s life and works are examined to determine if they merit being considered heroic in their life of faith. While the faithful may maintain private devotion to such individuals, no Church entity (e.g. a parish) may permit public veneration of the “Servant of God.” While no public veneration of the Servant of God may take place, public prayers or his/her *process *are permissible.

The only exception to this would be once someone is beatified. Beatification allows a candidate for sainthood to be venerated publicly in places closely associated with his or her life and ministry; the place may be as small as one city, although usually it is the diocese where the person lived or died.

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