Novenas work!!!

I’m embarrassed to say that I’m surprised.

I’ve always tended to think of novenas as kind of silly. Some of my prejudice comes from all those prayer cards that say “pray this novena in this particular way and you’ll get whatever you pray for.” It seems a little superstitious and also a little manipulative to me.

But…I prayed a nine hour novena last Wednesday for work for my laid off dh. He got a call on Saturday morning and has worked two more days this week. This is after 8 weeks of nothing. wow. :dancing:

I feel pretty stupid. Of course, God wouldn’t give us novenas (through the Church) if he didn’t find them pleasing. :o

I usually pray the Divine Mercy novena, but that’s about it.

I once started a 56 day rosary novena for my dh’s conversion. I wasn’t completely faithful to it, but I did all right. I was doing it mostly because a friend who also is in a mixed marriage asked me to join her in it. A couple weeks after I finished it, my dh started RCIA, but dropped out mid-way. I was really surprised when he joined because it came out of nowhere.

I wonder if my lack of faith in the power of the novena contributed to his lack of perseverance/faith. Oddly, I never connected his joining RCIA to my novena until recently…

I would love to hear some more stories about novenas and their effects. I think I might become a novena junky. :smiley:

That is awesome! You have inspired me to pray a novena for the conversion of my wife.

Thanks for sharing your story.

I believe in novenas, I especially love St Therese. She has come thru for me on more than one occasion. I have received LOTS of roses from her. I also like her because you know when she has answered you, with roses. Not necessarily the flower, but a picture or the sent of one. It is true that the smell of her roses can be over powering, but it is a wonderful experience. I need to start one with her because I am having problems finding a job and I know she will help. :slight_smile:


leonie… that’s AWESOME! Thank you so much for sharing your Novena experience. :thumbsup:

I’m also a big believer in the power of prayer. Several times in my life, I’ve seen the effects; and they sometimes did startle me… because they were so pronounced, in the “answer” I received.

I still have a lot of trouble areas, though… were my faith does falter. Isn’t it amazing… how GOOD God is to us, and yet… sometimes, we still have doubts?

This is why I think Novena’s are a great “weapon” in the spiritual battle; they help us, in our faith. And I agree with you, that they are pleasing to God.

Thanks for sharing!
MV :slight_smile:

About a dozen years ago I was applying for a job in the county I live in. I had recently become Catholic, and had come across a book about making a series of six novenas for a given request (three novenas in petitions, and three in thanksgiving, regardless of whether or not the request is granted). I faithfully prayed all six novenas, but did not get the job (someone already employed by the county had applied for it, so he got first dibs). However, a short time later some people at church encouraged me to go back to school. I eventually entered nursing school and successfully graduated and passed my boards, and I’ve been a registered nurse for 6 years (something I thought I would never be capable of doing), which is a much more rewarding career than the job I would have gotten with the county. So, Our Lady did answer my prayer, if it in a roundabout way!:crossrc:

Yes, they do - but not always the way we want.
I’ve been a devotee of St. Anthony for years, and he’s answered me - without my saying a novena. (hmmm, maybe, I should be asking him for something I never thought to do - DUH).

But the Infant Jesus of Prague Novena is VERY powerful. It’s a nine-hour, consecutive one. I know of cases where the prayer was answered before novena was completed - LESS than nine hours? Sounds timely to me. I highly recommend the Infant Jesus of Prague - and make His name and image known to others.

Nine hours consecutive- does sound kind of long. Can you provide more info on it? Thanks.

I read that it can be for nine days as well, but am wondering on the nine consecutive hours, if that means say it once for each of the nine consecutive hours?

The last novena I prayed was to St. Gerard, for a sibling for our daughter. :smiley:

I love novenas also. I think part of their power comes simply from our faithfulness to them. Praying for nine hours or nine days straight is something that so many people don’t do! :bighanky:

All our prayer is pleaseing to God, but the directed, focused prayer of a novena is especially so.

This is very encouraging to me because my family just finished an 81-day rosary novena for the conversion of one of our friends. Even though we really think we were led by the Lord to pray this novena, it’s not easy to believe when you don’t see results right away. We don’t see this friend anymore because we live far away and it’s been a long time since we’ve talked to him. Who know how long it will be before we hear if our prayer has been answered favorably. This is very encouraging to me.

I’m about to pray a novena to St. Thérèse just to see if our prayers have been heard.

I am going to start doing the “54-day Rosary Novena” tomorrow, does anyone have any petitions they would want me to lift up? I’d be happy to include them in my prayers…

If you want to do it also, you can find the Novena by clicking on this link


Thank you Juris! Could you pray for my son Dan to get a police Job and have his leg to stop hurting so much so he can run,so he can pass the test.Also my husband is trying to get a job with a company that is suppose to start in sept.They keep telling him next month,they are waiting for the gov. money.I am a teachers assistant at a middle school and hope to work the same person again.I won’t know until the Mon. before school starts.:blessyou:

Hi RosaryMama,

No problem :slight_smile: Can you please email me through this site with your name :slight_smile:


I want to start the 54 day Rosary novena, but I hope and pray I’ll have the perseverence for it!!

Pray for me to win the lottery! :thumbsup:
(sorry, I couldn’t resist :D)

Hi 4EverHis… we can do it together… we can do it at the same time each day… where are you from? I am from Vancouver, Canada, so I am in PDT time… how about you?

Wow, :nerd:

I feel guilty. I have doubts a lot. I am praying the novena to our Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary now, for the conversion of my husband. My husband, well he goes to church with me, but a long time ago before we became a couple then married he fell into the streets. Years later he came back to church, right around the time of my confirmation, which was a long moment in waiting for me, and an awesome one at that, praise to the Lord for that day. Well my husband (boyfriend at that time) came back to the church but was never confirmed. He hasn’t gone to confession since his first communion. I want him to really belong to the church. To finally receive communion and be confirmed.

We went through a lot. I told him the other day how strong he is. He has courage to do things and take risks, yet he should do it all for the glory of God, not for this world. So for years I used to hear that old saying, that a man will never change, once he does such and such he’ll do it again, yada yada yada. But no one tells you to pray, well not in the secular world or on Dr. Phil. No one tells you to fight. You give the devil the upper hand when you think someone won’t change. Perhaps some people won’t change, but you can pray for them! But I guess the personality of my husband, well sometimes I can’t help to think, will my husband finally be touched by the light? Any opinions?

I will continue praying the novena, and find others to pray. I really want to help save my husbands soul, because no one else is. Are there any other novenas that could be recommended to me. I have seen on this thread The Infant of Prague, and Saint Therese of Liseux.

Praise and Glory to our Lord and his Blessed Mother :gopray:

wow thats awesome that your novena was answered…:smiley:

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