I once heard that a family prayed a novena for a certain saint’s intercession, and their request was granted to them: that the mother would have twins.

Are novenas “powerful”?

What do you think?

I have no idea how to do a novena or where to find the prayers.

Any ideas?


It’s normally quite easy to find novena prayers - often those holy cards of different saints will have a novena on the back, or there are books which contain several different novenas. Normally there is a formula which can differ from novena to novena - a prayer petitioning the particular saint in whose honour you offer the novena, one mentions their request, and then something like an Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory Be… as I said it varies, but any I’ve come across have had the same basic outline and were easy to follow. There is also the option of making a Novena of Masses for your intention.

I believe that all prayer is powerful, and if a prayer is offered with faith and sincerity you may be sure that God will help. It is said that God has three answers to prayer: “yes”, “not now”, or “I’ve something better in store for you”. So, make your novenas - it’s just one of a range of prayer methods - but above all, have faith that God knows whats best for you and be prepared to accept His will, even if it appears that He is saying “no”.


The first novena was the 9 days that the apostles prayed after Jesus ascended. He requested they pray so that the Spirit would come. On the 10th day, which was actually the 50th day from the resurrection (Pentecost) The Holy Spirit descended upon them.
God loves persistence in prayer. The novena is a “practiced persistence”. You stick with it for 9 days, asking God to intervene on your behalf, but why stop at the petition? What if you are granted your request?
In 1884 in Naples Itlay our Lady came to Fortua Agrelli who was ill and had been praying the Rosary. Mary informed her that if she prayed the Rosary for 3 Novenas of petition for health and 3 Novena’s in Thanksgiving for the cure, she would be healed. And further stated that anyone who wished favors from Mary should do likewise.
This received the Impratur from Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of NY Sept 30,1954.
Nihil Obstat: John M.A. Fearns STD Censor Librorium


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