What are they? How do you pray a novena? Is it the same as a chalet? How is a chap let useful?

A novena is a “nine days’ private or public devotion in the Catholic Church to obtain special graces.” More here.

From Wikipedia:

In the Catholic Church, a novena is a devotion consisting of a prayer repeated on nine successive days, asking to obtain special graces. The prayers may come from prayer books, or consist of the recitation of the Rosary (a ‘Rosary novena’), or of short prayers through the day. There are four recognized categories of novenae: those of mourning, preparation (for a Church feast, ending on the eve of the feast), petition, and indulgenced. A given novena can belong to more than one of these categories. They may be performed in church, at home, or anywhere where prayer is appropriate, though some indulgenced novenas do require church attendance. Sometimes, a special candle is lit at the beginning of the novena which burns during the nine days of prayer.

I am considering a novena for All Saints day which I guess would start on the 23rd? I’m just going to pray the Litany of the Saints for 9 consecutive days.

"The term Chaplet is used commonly to designate Roman Catholic prayer forms which use prayer beads, but are not necessarily related to the Rosary. Some of these chaplets have a strong Marian connotation, others are more directly related to Jesus or the Saints. Chaplets are considered “personal devotionals,” and there is no set form and therefore they vary considerably. While the usual five decade rosary may be referred to as a chaplet, often chaplets have fewer beads than a traditional rosary and a different set of prayers. " More…

It’s amazing how much good information can be found in Wikipedia

Usually a novena is prayed over nine days, but I have heard of them being said weekly or monthly. I always pray mine over nine days. This webpage has a lot of novenas you can look over and choose from.

The 54-day Rosary novena to Our Lady, 27 days of supplication, then 27 days of thanksgiving. She helped me. She’s a wonderful mama.

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