I’m a professional, produced playwright who has written for most mediums including stage, TV, film. Right now I’m working on a theatrical piece having to do with a novitiate who teaches children in a country like Puerto Rico (not unlike Sister Bertrille, the Flying Nun). I’ll need help researching areas like my character’s rituals, her superiors, her superior’s superiors and so forth. It’s important that I don’t make mistakes like confusing convents with abbeys, priorys, cloisters and cenobys. Even novitiate and novice is either the same or subtly different. The play will probe character and in no way intends to disrespect religion in general or the Catholic Church in particular. It does not touch on recent scandals. I’d be willing to give a brief two or three-line outline of the premise if required. The important thing is not to make obvious embarrassing mistakes. When completed, if desired, the finished product may be presented to your counterpart of “program practices” - and any offensive material will be instantly deleted without question. In the interest of complete truthfulness: I’m not a Catholic, or a follower of any religious practice. But I do have the utmost respect for those who have a great incitement to follow their hearts in whatever direction their spiritual journeys will take them.


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