Novus Ordo Missal in Latin

I usually go to a Tridentine Latin Mass when I go to Mass and have missals such as the Father Lasance missal :wink: ; however, if I move to an area that only has the latin Novus Ordo :frowning: where would I buy a missal? Do the English missals have latin also? :confused:

I do have the latin Novus Ordo Missale Romanum which is a full altar size book. But of course that is too large :eek: to take to a Mass.

Thanks in advance,


Ignatius Press has the Adoremus Hymnal which contains the Pauline Mass in Latin.

Bear06, Thank you. I ordered the choir edition of the Adoremus Hymnal from Ignatius Press and it arrived today. It is very nice. :tiphat:

Kathie :bowdown:

Glad it worked out for you. I’ve actually got to order a copy myself since my kids trashed my organ edition. The pages fall out to easily for having a 2 year old in the house!

The equivalent to the Fr. Lasance missal for the Latin Novus Ordo is the below item. Full Latin/English in a hand missal.

Our Sunday Visitor has a very nice edition of the Novus Ordo Missal with English on one side and Latin on the other.

It also has all the weekly and Sunday readings (which the Adoremus missal doesn’t).

I’ll have to look into that but our readings are in English anyway so that doesn’t matter to much. Does this one include music too?

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