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Last Saturday 17 June 2017, I was baptized at my local Cathooic Church. Yesterday, 18 June 2017, I received my First Holy Communion.

Even though I only started R.C.I.A. in January 2017, I already knew a lot about the Sacraments, Mary, the Rosary plus a lot more. This is because I was bought up in a Catholic School, from the age of 7, but never been baptized.

I emailed Bishop in my local Diocese, and told him what I knew, my understanding of the Sacraments and my believes. Four days later. the Bishop replied to me to say that he had a talk with the Priest at my Church and also informed me that the Priest could fully Baptise and Confirm me into the Catholic Church.

I’m really happy that for me, I’m in the right place and feel at home.

Lucy Diamond

Heaven is celebrating. :slight_smile:


Congratulations & Welcome Home!

Happiest post I’ve read all day :slight_smile:

Welcome to Christ’s one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

The Lord be with you. :thumbsup:


So happy to hear that! :slight_smile:


Congratulations and Welcome Home!!!

Welcome home. Come along on the journey of faith. God bless.

Congratulations and nicely done. Obviously the Bishop alsoa greed you already had a lot of Catholic knowledge!~ I’m glad it went well for you that way and

Welcome Home!~
Enjoy your continued journey in the Faith.




Welcome home! God bless that bishop and the priest! This is a rare occurence indeed. I never got a response :frowning:

“And now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!” Welcome home, Lucy! :smiley:

Hi, the Bishop in my Diocese has always responded to emails and letters from the people in my Parish. My Diocese is the CliftonDiocese and tge Bishop is Bishop Declan Lang.
The priest at my local Church is Father Isodore Obi. He originates from Nigera.
For a writing group, I was asked to write about the Catholic Faith. I wrote about all the 7 Sacraments, how I understood them and my believes. I then send a copy of the article to the Priest at my Church. I also prayed a lot to get fully confirmed into the Catholic Church.
My Church is St Peter’s Church, Cirencester.

From Lucy Diamond

That is wonderful to hear. In my city most everyone is put in RCIA even if they only need to be Confirmed and have received Baptism and First Holy Communion in the Church. It would be unheard of to be exempted RCIA and we have had persons in RCIA that are well versed in the Catholic Faith, had read and studied for years, but here no exceptions are allowed.

They must attend RCIA no exceptions.

Glad to hear things went as they did for you.


I was in RCIA from the beginning of January this year. I emailed the Bishop on 6 April 17 and he replied to ne on the 10 April.

There were also a whole group of my friends, around 15, praying for me to Baptized and Fully Confirmed into the Catholic Church.

I just had faith and believe that the Bishop would give the Priest at my Church permission to Baptize and Confirm me when the Priest thougt I was ready.

From Lucy Diamond

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