Now how did I handle this?

For those who know me, I have made it back to the US again. :slight_smile: i am here to visit friends, help out some people, to live mz faith… and be an artist, ok, that too.:wink:

Anyway, as some of you know, I am a very scrupulous person.

I travelled without a visa, on the visa waiver program (I am a Swiss citizen). On the plane I realized that on the entry form one question was, “do you suffer from a physical or mental disorder?” I didn’t remember that question, it may have been that the question used to be for a “severe” disorder, or maybe with visa applications it is different. Anyway, i thought, now does that mean ANY, even a mild, disorder? I asked one of the flight attendants on the plane, he said he knew about the forms. I said, I do have a mild anxiety disorder, have been in therapy, am still on medication… he said no, that’s not what they mean. Just severe thigns like if you have been in a mental institution.

And I thought, yeah,r eally, otherwise I also had to pick “yes” just because my kneee hurt sometimes, because arthrosis is a physical disorder. Most everybody had to say yes to that question…

Now imagine a scrupulous person thinking about whether or not she had to decalre her scrupulosity?OCD as a mental disorder. (And it said, if you have to answer yes to any of the questions / other questions were more about illegal activities and former visa fraud - you might be denied entry. And I was already on the plane!

So: Moral dilemma. If I said no, telling myself the flight attendant told me I didn’t have to say yes, then maybe I was lying.
If I said yes, and I was just being overly scrupulous (but not mentally ill! ) and would cause a scene maybe by answering “yes”… because they might think I am a danger to anybody or whatever… then I would hurt some people too, not just myself. By not being able to visit my friends if they send me back. And causing grief for my family maybe even.

I thought, well, I totally want to be honest, so I’ll just try to find somebody there and ask them again… not making it sound more severe than it is.

Then i thought, but the question used to be different… and I looked at the german form. The same thing in German. (Which I had started to fill out until I made amistake, and asked for a new form and got an English one)
On the German form, the translation was a bit different! It said, if I translate it back into English: "Are you physically or mentally disabled?"
Now I wouldn’t call myself disabled.

So I asked for a German form again, and that I could sign with a clearer conscience.

But did I hadnle this morally right? Opinions?
I am planning to talk to a priest about this.


It must be exhausting going through daily life having to deal with these constant worries, you have my prayers. You didn’t do anything wrong - other than worry too much.:wink:
They were looking to weed out nut cases of which you are not. Very few of us truly do not suffer from some kind of issues. I know these kinds of worries are something that are hard for you to control but try to do your best to relax. You didn’t lie, you didn’t break any rules, you are fine.

Hey! Somebody replied before I had to leave the computer. (I don’t have my own computer over here. Library computers have time limits.)

Thank you for your comforting words, and prayers! God bless you!!


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