Now that Fr. John Corapi has effectively retired from his travels, does he have an heir apparent?


Now that Fr. John Corapi has effectively retired from his travels, does he have an heir apparent?


Fr. Corapi has been an inspiration to countless young men who are either in discernment or already in seminary. Not to mention the family men he also inspires.

Don’t expect to find one heir apparent.

Expect many.


It’s kind of sad to hear that. I’d love to be able to see, and hear, him in person. Who could take his place? He is definately one of a kind. Since I became a Catholic, he is the only one I’ve come across with such forcefulness. He knows how to call people on the carpet and have them wanting to do better. But all good things come to an end. Well, in this life anyway. :frowning:


I didn’t realize that he had retired. When did all this happen?


I thought that he had just retired from traveling, not from preaching. But nevertheless, I hope the retirement is semi- or temporary, as I would like a chance to go to a retreat given by him.


Lets hope so. Fr Corapi’s last program was about 3 years ago, Repeated during Easter Season. He explains a little emotionally about the deep Hurt he and other priests felt by the rabid Media Hype (Severely exaggerated) about Pedophile Priests, 40 years earlier, as if current. [/LIST][LIST]
The fact is only about 107 Priests of the almost 200,000 in the USA last 70 years were convicted in court. [/LIST][LIST]
Fr Corapi is One of a Kind. So is Each Clergy. We need to pray for them, as they always ask. :crossrc: [/LIST]


I think the reasons are strictly medical. Pedophilia coverage would not be enough to deter the guy; he’s faced much worse in life.


True. But he says in his Last Tape, Shown Easter season, that even Priests close to him have been Removed from Service while (Phony) Charges against them are investigated. They were great Priests. And…He kind of Said It All in his Powerful tapes. Tough to Top onselfe’s Best ones. [/LIST][LIST]
We Do need to Pray for Fr Corapi, And Brilliant, Best Ever, after No Vital Signs 24 minutes After Hit by Car near fatally Fr Groeschell, And-Never-Give-Up Mother Angelica, severe Twin strokes 9/12/01. [/LIST]:sad_yes: :grouphug: :byzsoc: :signofcross: :gopray: :gopray2:[LIST]
Untold Millions of Prayers throughout the World brought Fr Groeschell back to greatest Brilliance, from Literal Death. 10 Minutes no Vital Signs is Max. Fr Groeschell had 24; But had Priest praying fervently next to him.[/LIST]


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