Now that IS creepy: 'Octomum' dresses as a PREGNANT nun for Halloween... and her babies become little devils

Most people would provoke a shudder by dressing up as a pregnant nun for Halloween.
But when it is ‘Octomum’ Nadya Suleman and she also disguises her eight babies as little devils, the shudder becomes more of a convulsion.

The mother of fourteen - including her octuplets born in January this year - poked fun at herself as she headed out with her eight IVF babies to celebrate Halloween.

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yes, i would call that creepy and sick. didn’t she have someone around that suggested that might have been inappropriate?

i find it offensive-probably because i am Catholic.

i wonder what bill donohue would say if he saw this picture?

Ignore! Celebrity is what she craves more than anything else and seems willing to do anything to get it. Yawn.

i notice this article came from a British paper and isn’t she doing a reality tv show for a British program? i think in america we are trying to ignore her, but the europeans seems fascinated by her. can you imagine trick or treating with that many kids in tow!?

So true! :coffeeread:

I would think this was cute except for one thing…

Why the heck would anyone think it funny to dress as a pregnant nun? I think this is way to insulting. she should be ashamed of herself!

Further proof that the woman is simply unstable.

AS an Outsider looking at both America and Europe. It seems to me That europeans Always seem to enjoy sticking it to the Americans. Espeacially when it comes to making yanks look like backward yokels. So octomum plays right into their hands Maybe she feels that they are interested in her cause she is…well interesting. but really she is just something to hold up to ridicule the u.s

you could have a valid point. of course, as you say, she probably feels flattered that they want to do a show around her, not suspecting that it is in a way really making fun of her.

Reporter: “So, Ms. Suleman, how are you going to top your recent violation of natural law?”

Suleman: “Blasphemy!”

– Mark L. Chance.

I doubt if she thought this up herself. Her publicity coordinator no doubt thought it up and ordered the costumes.

She is definitely a person who needs the spotlight on her and will do ANYTHING to get it.

She is possessed, or a tool of the devil. I heard a priest say that the devil hates creativity, hates it that human beings can reproduce. That’s why he always into sexual things. Here he’s made a mockery of motherhood, normal reproduction, families, and now nuns and the Church. He is showing off his 8 little ones. Pity the children.

Heres hoping she doesn’t have access to any large ballons.
malachi3: A bit harsh calling her kids off springs of the devil. Lets not forget they are totally innocent in all this.

Latin Rite: Figure of speech, not literally devil offspring. They’re wearing devil costumes.

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