Now that Lent is over . .

I realized this Forum is one of the few places that would understand. Lent is over. The Easter Vigil was 2 1/2 hours long and absolutely glorious. It is after midnight. And I just realized as I sit here (originally just stopped by the computer to check the basketball scores) that I am drinking a glass of wine (chose a nice red Italian in honor of the Vatican) and eating a chocolate chip cookie.

And I’m 58 years old, for goodness sake! I guess if I was 12 I would have eaten the bunny and all the Peeps already.

Happy Easter to each of you. I’m going to bed.

(move this observation anywhere appropriate, kind moderators . . . it may be in the wrong place . . . *mea culpa *. . . )

Happy Easter to you, IrishAm.

Yup, I’ll be having some wine tomorrow too. :slight_smile: I’ve had some cake today already and maybe, just maybe, I’ll put something nice in my next coffee. :wink:

Happy Easter. :slight_smile:

not much into wine but ate some of my kids jelly beans. Happy easter!

Easter Joy! But…I miss Lent. I felt it passed too quickly to really reflect on it.

I agree!

I agree also. By the time you really get focused on the penitential aspect and atonement, you find yourself sitting in front of the altar of repose on Holy Thursday and wondering where the time went.

But now I can drink beer again! :smiley:

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