Now that New CAF is here will you be staying?


Not entirely accurate, but OK, I won’t quibble There is not a posse of Mods. There is a guy running it yes. WE are supposed to flag posts we don’t think are charitable. Surely the Catholics here can manage that, I’m hoping.
It’s actually kind of sad that they needed so much Moderation in the past, frankly.
We do get a lot of haters though. Such is the internet, Just look at YouTube. Beautiful videos and lots of horrible remarks.
Free speech. It’s not always to our tastes.
God bless.


Front page, big black box up in the corner.
GO to the Forum you want, and the list comes up,


I remember one time on youtube I was just looking up a recipe, and somehow in the comments, a war about politics broke out because the person in the video used a spice from a country someone didn’t like. Yay :expressionless:


What about elementary OS and deepin linux? They look fantastic.


elementary looks a lot like OSX if I recall.


Hi @pianistclare,

Here is a link to what the CAF Webmaster said in the Forum Transition thread:

In that thread, the moderation is mentioned here.


I’ve never tried either, but elementary does look good. I just use Ubuntu and Debian as virtual machines occasionally. If I had to run Linux as my main machine I’d consider one of those.

Hence why it looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is your user name related to the text editor? All this talk of *nix got me thinking.


Even though I don’t like the new design, I will be staying anyway. Most of us are all Christians, and whether we like the design of the new site or not, we should still support the forum.
Once reason I say this is because I’m learning HTML code and no matter what, there will still be a lot of work in the background that we won’t be able to see, just to keep this forum going.


It sure is. :slight_smile: Though I’m largely a Windows user.

You should install Gentoo. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m joking, but just in case I felt like adding this.


What is that haze in your post?


If you click it, it’ll unblur. :slight_smile:


Yes it unblurred a tad but couldn’t read it.


Really? That’s strange, it unblured all the way for me. :confused:


All you young whipper snappers… everyone knows that Ubuntun, Mint, and all the rest are too modern and the work of Satan.

We all need to go back to Slackware or maybe back to BSD 4.2 or System V before that demon spawned X Windows reared it’s ugly head. If you can’t do it on a vt100 over a 300 baud serial line then I’m out… just too complex.

He says as skipping between 2 or 3 VMs running CentOS and Ubuntu… but with a couple dozen terminal windows.


Sorry, it did when I clicked on it, I was hovering over it before.


How did you do it?


Was that just on hover over? It slightly unblurs on hover over, but you need to click to actual remove the blur filter. :wink:


We need to go back to Amiga OS. Everything else was a mistake.


Yes it worked.

(Oh post only needs to be 16 and not 20 characters now)?


When posting, hover over the cog wheel in the menu bar just above where you are typing, it’s one of the options there.


Why don’t we just scrap ui entirely and go back to terminals? Dos anyone?

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