Now that New CAF is here will you be staying?


That about sums it up. Sometimes I’ll ask my sis (we share a house as both our kids are grown and on their own).

At least my sense of humor hasn’t gone yet.



:expressionless::roll_eyes::weary::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: grrrrrrr

And I mean that in the sweetest possible way. :beetle:


Too late! I called it!

No Takesie-Backsies. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am a litlle confused. My son help me to sign in and he liked the new format. I will be staying and learning how to use it. Welcome everyone.


Yup , staying, the site looks professional, there are no more bad moderators and it was a long over due change for the forum.


The site is supposed to have even closer moderation than before. It says that here:


I about freaked out because I couldn’t log in >_>

I’ll be giving it a shot. I don’t really like the layout, but I’ve always preferred the traditional forum layout to the layout of sites like StackOverflow. (what we have here)


Many (but not all) of the posts are still here. This is primarily due to the handful of topical forums (i.e. “categories”) that did not make the transition to the new format.

If you look at the Internet Archive, you can see from the snapshot of the forum on July 31, 2017, there were approximately 14.9 million posts. If you look on the About section of the forum right now, you see that there are 10.9 million posts. So that means 4 million posts are no longer here.

If you look at the Category view of the new forum and compare it to the old one, you can see some categories that are no longer here:

  • Parenting (used to be a subcategory of Family Life, which is a subcategory of Catholic Living)
  • The Water Cooler (which included both “The Clubhouse” and “Back Fence”)
  • Catholic Answers Today (with the subcategories of Radio and Catholic Answers Magazine)
  • Concierge Desk (with the subcategories of “Bug Reports”, “Help! How does CAF work?”, “Mini-Tutorials”, “Rules of the Road”, “Sandbox”, “Staff Chat”, and “Suggestion Box”) This category has been replaced by “Site Feedback”, but none of the posts from the old Concierge Desk have transferred over.
  • Archive (which included about 20 old categories that people could no longer post to, but the posts were still viewable for reading)

So all the posts from those categories are gone. I can see from my own posting that I lost about 5000 posts, which I presume were from those now defunct categories.

I saw that @cawebmaster mentioned they were going to add back in a category for casual conversation (probably because people were just starting up the old games under Site Feedback :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). But it remains to be seen whether they would reinstate the old Water Cooler or just start with something different. If I had to guess, I would say that it would be a lot easier at this point to just add a new category that to go looking for those old posts. They are probably gone for good.

To find your old posts (or anyone’s for that matter), you just have to go to your profile and click the “Activity” tab. We actually get our own URL now, which makes it easier to find. Just type in (where “username” is your actual user name, not the word “username”) and you will be taken to your profile page.

Does that clarify things? Though not everything transferred over, a large portion did transfer over. It’s just the finding it that will take some navigating.




It would answer MANY questions!


I apologize if my post was tone deaf. I’m kind of tone deaf at times. I didn’t mean to offend.:cry: Please forgive? (And, knowing me, I am being tone deaf again, but I didn’t want to neglect to apologize, just in case).:exploding_head:


I like this part–A LOT!

“In addition, the new platform affords us many more tools to protect the community from spammers and other malignant users.” :grinning:


Yes, I’m staying. Now that my username and log-in issues have been successfully resolved, the longer I’m on this new format, the more I’m getting used to it :ok_hand:.


I’m so glad to hear it! :grin:

You’re a lot of fun to have around. Your presence brightens up the forum, and so does your sense of humor. :grinning:


I do, too.

I always feel better when a forum updates/upgrades their security, or adds on or changes more features. :slightly_smiling_face:


I NEVER thought I’d say this, but I actually kind of miss the cat…


:flushed:I think that’s the “blush” emoji. It was certainly easier to tell with
some of the emojis in the old format.
Thanks, you seem to getting up to speed with this new format quite well,
and making lots of us feel welcome too!


Hi @christofirst,

Thanks for your kind reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s so nice of you to say so!

I’m really glad if I can help a fellow friend and forum member out…

I know what it’s like to feel so overwhelmed and frustrated, especially when it comes to trying to figure out computer software and how it works.

That’s why I was determined to go back to school all of those years ago, and take some classes so I could learn and learn about the Internet too, so that is what I did.

I wanted to be able to use Word Processing software, and I wanted to be able to find my way around a computer, so I decided to go to Tech. College, and that’s what I did back then.

I’ll help someone the best way that I know how, if I can.

So if I can help someone else out, I am most certainly glad to do it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, I must immediately reconsider my position! :grinning:


I know we were given about a month to put our CAF houses in order but looking back I think we would have benefited from some more specific instructions. We were told to back up anything that we found essential; well, how to do that would have been helpful and a specific list of what we might lose as well. Certainly, the admin could have said “your PMs, signature, wall conversations won’t transfer to the new platform.” I saw that it was discussed in the forum but that was in no way sufficient for someone who is not tech savvy or didn’t have time to read all those posts. Looking back I recall a lot of misinformation too. I had a clue about what was going to be lost because I’d been through a platform change and knew what to expect, but my impression before the switch was that most members weren’t really sure and that has been confirmed.

The main thing I see is that some are not able to log in to their account. I lucked out and still had the email account that I signed up with but many didn’t have access to their’s and I don’t think the old CAF would have been able to respond to the volume of requests to reset passwords and update email addresses.

OTOH, having gone through this before, I was practicing “letting go” and was prepared to start with a new name and profile (if at all) and lose access all of the posts that I often referred back to. Frankly, I miss the old UI the most; I’m not a fan of this one.

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