Now that the MP is coming

Don’t know if this has been posted before, but MP supporters now clearly will be called to “put up”. They (we?) will be thrust into the limelight and I suspect that they could easily make the terms “motu proprio” and “TLM” acquire a sour taste among the great mass of Catholics if they’re not careful.

That reminds me what they said to Blacks after Emancipation.

But rather than a sour taste, it puts the joyous savor of persecution in my mouth. Thank you, and may God bless you.

Whatever the situation of traditionalist Catholics the past 40 years, I hardly think a comparison with real honest-to-goodness slaves is useful.

I hardly think a comparison with real honest-to-goodness slaves is useful.

Maybe, maybe not, but this from Father Z’s link IS useful:

  1. Show genuine Christian joy. If you want to attract people to what gives you so much consolation and happiness, be inviting and be joyful. Avoid the sourness some of the more traditional stamp have sadly worn for so long.

Do I think this will be the end of years of murmuring and whining since they finally achieved their quest? Um … :rotfl:

Crotchets usually find something else, for it is built into their nature.

You’re right, it’s worse. The slaves, at least those in Louisiana and Latin America, had the Latin Mass.

And now we all do too! ALLELUIA!

I believe no matter how and/or what the proponents of the TLM do—there will be those with a “sour taste”. They have had their way for 40 years ----so the MP allowing freedom for the TLM will not and is not sitting well with them. It is not going to be an easy process for implementing the TLM—since the Mass has many enemies—who will not stop from using any/every excuse under the Sun to work against it. There is a rough road ahead—and what we need to keep in mind—is not to fall for any form of manipulation that can be used to keep the TLM from gaining ground.

You’re a glass-half-full kinda guy. :slight_smile:

Oh, no doubt about that. And they’ll be looking for every nit they can possibly pick. So supporters of the TLM have to give them as few nits as possible. I’m not sure TLM supporters realize just how “under the microscope” they’re about to become, and they need to be ready for that.

With the Eucharist, the glass is always superabundantly full and overflowing with eternal life that is poured out on others whom we meet. The intrinsic value of each and every Mass is infinite, regardless of rite or the dispositions of those present or the correctness of the execution. But the extrinsic value of the Mass, the grace actually received by those present, depends on their dispositions and the reverence in which the Mass is celebrated. The Traditional Latin Mass, celebrated poorly by a cantankerous priest, is still more reverent and dignified than the average Novus Ordo, and thus inclines the participant to receive greater grace.

I think the question really isn’t just “is the glass full”, but “how much does it overflow”? Are we bearing fruit? And what are the means available to us to bear fruit more abundantly?

Yes…Traditionalists are frowned upon by those who messed things up in the 60’s and 70’s for obvious reasons. They are also frowned upon by those who don’t know about their cause, or are sympathetic, but don’t really have strong feelings about it. When you act like you’d shoot the priest if he didn’t conduct a perfect liturgy as if it were a concert (as I have known more than just a few traditionalists to do), you set a bad example, and do not do anyone any favors by being that way.

Are you saying—concerts are conducted better than the highest prayer (the Mass) we offer God. :rolleyes:

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