“Now the baby is very clear, very distinct”

Improved ultrasound technology credited for pro-life shift

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awesome! I got one of those ultrasounds, my baby looked like a baby, not a chalkboard drawing! I think seeing the baby move on an ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat, and feeling it in you should be proof it’s a human, and ALIVE, proof enough to stop abortions! those who see, hear, and feel their babies and still decide to kill them are truly heartless. I have my week old daughter here in my lap right now, I can remember fear, regret, panic, but never once, can I remember wanting to kill her! God bless this new technology, I hope it helps! :thumbsup:

The article had some comments from someone who promotes abortion about how this just makes women who have abortions feel guilty. Those who promote abortion and who lie to women by claiming that it’s just a “blob of tissue” don’t like the truth getting out.

I once had someone write all over my car with the most vile invectives, stating that I should have been aborted, because I had a “Choose Life” bumper sticker. So, Pro-Life cannot expect a reasoned response from those who have had an abortion and refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the crime. Some would say that graphic images of aborted babies is counter-productive in gaining support on life issues. This may or may not be true. However, I cannot believe that showing moving pictures of a moving living human being in the womb can be anything but productive in moving the hearts & minds of people in support of life issues. I hope the Pro-Life movement fully embraces this technology to change perceptions to the human reality of the pre-born.

Can you imagine the effect of a road-side electronic billboard that showed the movement in these ultra-sound images?

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