Now the parental consent law is going to be blamed!

The two teens who killed their unborn baby with a small baseball bat,inutero,now say they did it because they could not get an abortion because of the parental notification laws:mad: Planned parenthood will grab that and run with it:banghead: Somehow planned parenthood will turn this into a “choice” case:mad: Where are the pro-life life lawyers and other pro-lifers represented?MSNBC needs to have them on! where are they?I am going to email them,this whole situation is crazy.God Bless

I am sure that it will be propagandized; but the facts are clear - they engaged in a process which makes babies. Making one, they decided not to take the consequences of that behavior – where did they learn this?

They learned it in school, through the entertainment industry, through the media and the cultural milieu which has told them that as “kids” they can engage in adult behavior with no consequences. It is a lie, and we all know who the Father of Lies is.

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