Now They Call Me Infidel


Now They Call Me Infidel by Nonie Darwish is an excellent book. It shows that some Muslims can actually face their real problems. Unfortunately it also shows that this very small group is often attacked, even physically, by other Muslims. I highly recommend this book. It contains real answers as to why Muslims are so prone to terrorism and what can be done about it.


Other good books:

Because They Hate by Brigitte Gabriel

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali


I’m a channel surfer sometimes and stumbled across a TV interview with the author of “Infidel” (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) the other night.

She seems to be a resident of a secular European country and seems quite taken with the ideas of secularism. Her experience growing up in Islam are a seriously troubling anecdotal account of Islamic life.

However, I felt her world view was quite secular today. She clearly believes that what Islam needs is to be watered down like christianity has been in Europe. In her view, society is best off when nobody takes religion TOO seriously. She doesn’t seem to have noticed that the abuses and crimes committed by christians in history happened IN SPITE of the example and teachings of Jesus, while noting that Muhammed’s teachings make it rather hard for an earnest believer who takes them seriously to live peacefully with those of other faiths. I found it quite frustrating that she couldn’t see the difference! (nor could the host).


She is very secular. However, she offers an excellent inside view of growing up a female in Muslim society. One thing she said stuck with me. In Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere, Muslims blame everything that goes wrong on the “Jews”. Even when the airconditioner failed it was the fault of the “Jews”. She was absolutely serious. This sums up the failure of Islam. It is absolutely incapable of introspection.


As much as I hate to say it I can understand Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s perspective. I’m sure that to her religion is mostly a negative thing. I’m seeing that idea grow in the “Muslim” population that has settled in the West.

Eventually the emotional bubble that is currently holding the Muslim world hostage will burst. A civilization simply can’t keep that kind of intensity up forever. My fear though is that when it happens Arabs will become extremely secular and give up on religion all together.


I’d say that if wanting to end violence makes one an infidel, then that author should take it as a compliment.:thumbsup:


A Dutch director Theo van Gogh made a movie based on her ideas/experiences.

He was then killed by a Dutch-Moslem for having *insulted *Islam

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