Now we take Georgia, then we change America

7 days ago — Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer celebrates the victory of Joe Biden over … Now we take Georgia, then we change America .

Do you want the democrats to change America??

Apparently the majority of the voters do.


They want an honest election in Georgia. Georgia is a big victory for the Democrats because since 1876 it has voted as a block and never swayed except for one time when it voted for Bill Clinton in 1992.

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Here is a working link for your post.

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I guess it depends on what that change is.

But really, Schumer never met an opportunity for a pithy soundbyte that he didn’t like. I’m not terribly concerned about it. I mean, he has to be out there showing support for his party. Republicans would do the same.

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If the Dems to take the senate and change the rules to pass legislation with a simple majority they will regret it. Bigly.


It has long been a thing of course for professional politicians and sometimes they are a bit tone deaf about how they sound to the opposite side from them. Sometimes that is deliberate of course.

I seem to remember 1964 and 1976 but you may be younger than me. Georgia swayed from the block.

I think that Georgia voters may be disturbed by Schumer’s authoritarian sounding carpetbagger tone.
We’ll see


This Georgia voter views the democratic party as usually being pretty weak, and I don’t expect much action to back up his words.

Well, we should hope that you and your fellow Georgia voters will elect Purdue and Loeffler so as not to give him a chance.

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In 1976 they voted for their own Governor Jimmy Carter(D) to be president which most would expect.

So did MS, AL, FL and TX.

Change … is that like fundamentally transforming?

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That was cute :grinning:

But Georgia has not changed since 1876. They have one of the largest illegal immigrant population.

We still do have 22 million illegal(undocumented workers in this country who are not allowed to vote. We have a foreign nation, green card holders who are not allowed to vote.

Georgia has been consistently republican except for one election in 1992 when they voted for Bill Clinton except of course their own governor Jimmy Carter in 1976 so they have a very long record as a republican voting pattern for president. Did they flip legally is all 74 million people want to know .

I thought it went Democratic up until 1964

That was when the state had democrat family values. There are a great number of people in the state who are religious and abortion did not stand well with them

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