NPM Convention

I am spending the week in Pittsburgh at the annual convention of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians. It’s a great experience to be with almost 2,000 parish musicians, composers, priests and religious, and even a bishop and a cardinal, to explore new music and to work on improving our musical techniques, learn more about the liturgy, and to experience beautiful liturgies in many different styles from basic traditional chant to contemporary pieces.

This conference is always an amazing experience and a great opportunity to meet people form all over the country and even from Europe. The morning plenum talks are challenging us to live up to our baptismal call to discipleship and the breakout and reading sessions are great. Also there are tons of things to look at and purchase from many liturgical publishers and artists in the conference exhibit hall.

Been here since Monday and there are still two days to go. Next year is in DC, so if you are a parish musician think about going. Invite your pastor as well. There is always so much to learn…even if you can’t sing it’s a lot of fun too.

Well, the convention is winding to a close in Pittsburgh this week. Anyone here (other than me) go? Share any thoughts or good ideas? Hear anything beautiful?

Just post thoughts or feelings if you went this week!

I thought the first three plenum addresses were wonderful. I hope they print them. The concert with Dan Schutte, Steve A. and Curtis Stephan last night was very good. The end when they sang Here I Am Lord had me in tears. I have sung that song thousands of times but it never affected me that way.

I also liked the cantor workshops I went to

The only negative is that I am dead tired and I didn’t win the item I kept bidding on in the silent auction. I am looking forward to Mass this evening.

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