NPR-Catholics and Evolution debate


I haven’t listened, I just saw the link. Sorry if this has been discussed but I didn’t see it as a recent topic.



I heard portions of it the other day

I’d rather hear the whole thing before passing judgment but it appeared that they were making much ado about nothing

I’ll try to listen again


Thanks for the link, I didn’t see this. You could have just tacked it on to the existing 13.7 billion evolution threads but oh well.

Have heard Cardinal Schonborn before, he did a series of interviews on the making of the Catechism of the Catholic Church with EWTN, offered by Ignatius Press. Also I recommend his “bonus” interviews with Steve Ray on Peter and Mary DVD.

Haven’t heard Schonborn speak on the evolution issue thanks. Will listen to the rest later when I have a better connection.

Schonborn’s controversial evolution articles are here

Finding Design in Nature (July 2005 NY Times essay)
Creation and Evolution from Vienna cat lecture (Oct 2005 clarification)
More Cat Lectures series here
The Designs of Science (Jan 2006 from First Things)

Alec (HECD) is doing a response to the last one, details later.

Phil P


LOL, I feel kinda lame that I am trained as an anthropological archaeologist w/ 2 degrees and w/ a minor in biology and haven’t really weighed in on this. In short, I don’t have a problem w/ evolutionary theory, but I just don’t think it answers all questions. I wouldn’t frame my beliefs in some gimmicky term as intelligent design, but I don’t think you can remove God from the picture. If you do, you must substitute something else. I admire the Church for tackling the issue in an enlightened manner and not simply closing their ears to it as so many Christians do. Galileo would be proud.


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