NPR discussed Jesus' foreskin?

I am at a loss on this. A relative of mine, young woman, well educated,A-religious at the least, writes on facebook that she listened to NPR this evening discussing this subject. She made some silly comments. I will address this only if I have something intelligent to add. I have no idea re: a 'relic' or topic. Is this just more of the (Holy Week) garbage coming out of anti-Christian media?

erm... which public radio program was this on? :confused:

I searched and found something on NPR called A Connor Walsh sent them the story. The audio link to this program does not record this discussion, as I can tell.

Oh, okay. It seems to have been from BBC program called, Broadcasting House, and the discussion aired there on September 20, 2009. But I couldn’t get the BBC website to offer me up that episode, so I can’t say what was on it.

I’m not familiar with, but they don’t seem to be affiliated with NPR. Public radio has multiple networks, each producing content which are then marketed to individual public radio stations. Here is a list of common public radio shows, and the networks which distribute them.
As you can see NPR accounts for the bulk of programming, but there are other major players too, such as American Public Media.

However, doesn’t show up on the list. From its website, it doesn’t appear to produce original material, but splices together audio segments from diverse sources. The website also doesn’t say where you can hear its programming, which is very odd. Most radio shows tout the stations which carry their program.

I wonder if AudioDocumentary isn’t primarily aired on satellite radio? I am thinking particularly of the Sirius/XM station called PRX, which as a similar model as AudioDocumentary.

Could it be your relative heard it on satellite radio?

What did they say about it?

Jesus was Jewish so I could bet money that he was circumcised.

The link I referred to has a photo of a crucifix with a bold title of this topic so it obviously was aired. This person lives in Seattle and now I am wondering if local Seattle NPR station aired this program for their Holy Saturday listeners? It would be so very Seattle.
Is there any history to this topic?

MJE, I don’t doubt that your relative heard this discussion, and it may have been heard throughout the US, just as six months ago it could be heard throughout the UK. The question I am asking is how did it air in the US? We already know that the BBC aired it in the UK, and that the BBC is the original source for it.

NPR doesn’t have any radio stations.

People often use the term NPR to refer to all of public radio, but public radio is locally owned and operated. These stations typically air a mixture of their own locally produced shows and shows they purchase from national content providers. NPR is simply one of many national content providers (although it is the largest) for public radio stations. may also be a content provider, but I am not certain it is providing content to terrestrial public radio. Can you confirm with your relative whether she heard it on a Seattle station or whether she heard via satellite radio?

Well, yes. A relic in a small Italian church, regarded to the the foreskin of Jesus, and the only remaining trace of his body on Earth, was stolen a few years back.

So far my simple search shows David Farley, the author of this article identified as a travel writer, is the source of all other references to this topic.

What’s normally done with the foreskin of Jewish boys after the Bris? I’m assuming that during nonreligious hospital circumcisions (I say “assuming” b/c my son’s not circumcized) that it’s discarded as “medical waste”, is it different at a Bris?

(I’m remembering that scene from “Meet the Fockers” where Greg/Gaylord’s parents (Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman) had his foreskin in a scrapbook and it went flying out and landed in Robert De Niro’s character’s food). Its it normally saved?

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