NPR - El Salvador gangs and Protestantism


Did anyone else hear this on NPR yesterday?
I thought it was quite interesting. I believe the story states that 40% of Salvadorans consider themselves Protestant?

Anyone here familiar with El Salvador and the gangs there, and the influence of certain churches?


I am absolutely convinced that illegal immigration from Latin America has resulted in the contagion of Protestantism in that region. They convert here, train as missionaries, and go back and convert others. The Assemblies of God world HQ is right near here. They have a whole school for those missionaries.

I truly do think American churchmen made a huge mistake in promoting unlimited Hispanic immigration into the U.S.


Since Protestant isn’t a group, what group specifically?


Pentecostals are the largest and most important Protestant group in Central America.


Thanks. NPR-el-salvador-gangs-and-Pentecostals


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