NPR Investigates Televangelists; Underestimates Finances of Networks

Keep this in mind the next time you see one of their “telethons”. :cool:

Here is a breakdown of assets according to the most recent 990s available from *********.
Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana: $845,832,015
Community Educational Television: $9,265,906
Holy Land Experience Ministries: $70,163,784
International Christian Broadcasting: $3,016,839
Jacksonville Educators Broadcasting: $3,897,274
JW Bethany: $13,145,783
San Antonio Community Educational TV: $1,601,738
Trinity Broadcasting of Arizona: $3,296,710
Trinity Broadcasting of Florida: $67,392,913
Trinity Broadcasting of Indiana: $2,939,884
Trinity Broadcasting of New York: $4,654,033
Trinity Broadcasting of Oklahoma City: $2,482,119
Trinity Broadcasting of Texas: $17,735,883
Trinity Broadcasting of Washington: $2,076,144

Known TBN related assets: $1,047,501,025.

This doesn’t include the assets of TBN affiliate Trinity Christian Center of San Marcos which is registered as a church and doesn’t file a Form 990. Also it doesn’t include TBN’s foreign affiliates.

CBN’s total assets: $190,937,096
Daystar’s total assets: $233,253,872


I’m not interested in giving money to religions not in Communion with the Vatican.

But it is kind of nice to know when someone who supports groups like TBN starts saying how rich the Vatican is. :):slight_smile: :gopray:

The majority of the Vaticans wealth is in her art, artifacts in the Vatican Museums and the beautiful centuries old Churches and the land our Churches are built on. God Bless, Memaw


When Mother Theresa died, I was amazed to encounter some critics who voicing gripes about how she used her wealth, power, fame, and status. Good grief - the lady owned a robe, a pair of glasses, a bucket, and two pairs of shoes when she died - but people were ticked off about what she should have said in front of that microphone, what she should have urged in that meeting with that world leader, how she should have put more effort into disease x or world problem y, instead of focusing on sick and dying folks in her sphere.

It dawned on me - no matter who you are, how much you have, or what you do with it, if you go about trying to do good, there will always be critics and accusers.

I don’t see NPR itself on that list, or PBS. You better believe they are “religious” in the sense of having a definite agenda of ideology.

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