NPR keeps championing book on the survival of atheism

I’ve recently been reading the buzz on a new book called “The Swerve” by Stephen Greenblatt. This book is purportedly nonfiction but it’s reality re-imagined in the worst way. Of course, you guessed it…it ultimately champions atheism and bashes Catholicism while doing it. The books “messiah” is Lucretius, the ancient atheistic philosopher. To me it sounds like another Da Vinci Code.

Gosh, two news shows distributed by NPR mentioned this book. So now NPR is “championing” it?

One show, featuring the reporter Robert Krulwich, is produced by the NPR. The other show is produced by a Philadelphia radio station (WHYY) and distributed by NPR. Its hardly a conspiracy.

I think the author of the Newsbusters article is running dry on topics to write about.

NPR is rapidly becoming Newly Post Relevant. Even if they were actively championing books on the survival of atheism. it would be moot, since the organisation is becoming irrelevant as a real source of unbiased news.

I listen to NPR frequently as well as a local conservitive station. Both are slanted. Both get annoying but to NPR’s credit they do present both sides…far better than any other single news source. They did a phemominal job covering the female priest issue and seemed to clearly stand with the RCC, even though they thrive on other Catholic problems.

I find those people who jump to extreme conclusions and cant stand to listen to opposing ideas rather boorish.

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