NPR's This American Life-Christmas episode

On Sun. 12/19/10, High Plains Public Radio aired a program from NPR called “This American Life”. It was their so called
“Christmas” episode.
It was supposed to be funny Christmas stories but contained some of the most disgusting anti Christian, particularly anti-Catholic “humor” I have ever heard. I had to quit listening it was so revolting.
You can listen here:
The episode of the former altar boy was where I had to quit. The clip is about an hour and I admit I quit about 20 minutes into the broadcast because I just couldn’t take any more. Why should I as a Catholic taxpayer have to finance an entity that demands of everyone else diversity and tolerance and warm and fuzzy feelings toward all while they broadcast hate speech?

The above is most of the text of a message I sent to my Senators and Congressman.

That NPR is anti-Christian (and anti-Catholic in particular) should not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to them for the past few years. I would not give them one penny of support personally and I resent anything they get from my taxes.

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