NRA mocks gun control after Kim Kardashian is robbed



I am grateful to our Heavenly Father that Kim K. West still has her life. It could have been a different story today.


This is simply regurgitation of an agenda-driven reporter’s sensational headline. I’m not so certain that an acerbic, poorly worded and timed comment amounts to “mocking.” Q: Are we now stereotyping 3 million NRA members due to one bad tweet by a so-far unknown employee?

A: Yes.

Very fortunately, this all occurred without physical injury. However, the very nature of the targeted robbery means that Kardashian, as a practical matter, may very well have been in less danger than would at first appear. These are not street thugs, but cunning, seasoned career criminals who clearly performed their due diligence before committing the crime. They are a step above art thieves in violence and a step beneath in the moral order.

Better identified as rhetorical, the poorly-made assertion remains for us to ponder.




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