NRA supporters are blowing up their expensive Yeti coolers

I’m tired and trying to write an assignment as well for most of the day so I misread the thread title as, ‘blowing up Yeti cookers’.

This is literally priceless

“Let me get this straight: #yeticoolerchallenge = fill $500 cooler with $20 of tannerite. Blow up cooler. Outcome: @Yeti keeps $500, @NRA foundation receives no benefit, and you are left with no cooler and a huge mess to clean up … seems reasonable,”


Some people truly have more money than sense.

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inversely proportionate would be my guess.

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A slow cooker is best. Barbecued yeti. . . yum.

Sounds like a D and D campaign. The DM states that it requires two hours to fully roast 5 kilos of Yeti. There is a 10 percent chance of food poisoning if food is badly prepared or undercooked. Also, some races for moral or ethical reasons cannot consume this food blah blah.

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Entitled much? :rofl:

Snowflakes mate, snowflakes. Cooler Lives Matter!

a letter from NRA Foundation lobbyist Marion Hammer, who was the NRA’s first female president and…

The letter came off as petulant and lacking in any real substance. She should have someone else write these kind of rebuttals in the future. I’m sure there will be more companies who would like to part ways with the NRA after this letter was made public.

What, do you guys not eat Yetis in London?

I have a Yeti product intended for the campsite that is the size of a beer can and keeps any beverage eerily cold. I will not be blowing it up.

We prefer drop bears, imported from Australia. The home of the finest quality drop bears known.

You diggeridon’t say.

And the party necromancer can turn the leftovers into a nifty skeleton afterword! Reduce, reuse, reanimate.

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