NRA wins court ruling against WHA


In a surprising blow to public housing officials and a clear win for the National Rifle Association, the Delaware Supreme Court has ruled that the Wilmington Housing Authority cannot set limits on residents’ rights to carry guns in common areas of public housing.

The unanimous ruling by the state Supreme Court noted that under the Delaware Constitution, which offers broader gun rights protections than the U.S. Constitution, the WHA limitations on possessing a gun were “overbroad and burden the right to bear arms more than is reasonably necessary.”

"Public Housing is ‘a home as well as a government building,’ " Justice Henry DuPont Ridgely wrote for the panel.


Good. Now they won’t have to worry about slow response times from the police.


Wouldn’t surprise me if this ends up before the SCOTUS.


It won’t. The issue at hand was a matter of state law; not federal law. The Delaware Supreme Court has the final say. :thumbsup:

Score one for the Good Guys. :smiley:


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