NRSV version Missal

I live in Canada, and trying to find the right Missal to have with NRSV version of the bible. Can you point me to the right direction please.
Thank you and God bless.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has the approved Roman Missal for sale in several formats. There are also workbooks for lectors and similar products that have the currently approved readings in use in Canada, adapted from the NRSV iirc.

I did not see the 2008 Lectionary for sale, i am not sure why. They have a note up that the Weekday lectionary has been held up getting Vatican approval, but should be avalable soon.

What are you looking for exactly?

This review says that the St Joseph and Living with Christ missals have Canadian editions, ie use the Canadian Lectionary.

After I wrote my other note, I realized there were no “hand missals” listed, and that is probably what you wanted.

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