NRSV worth getting if I already have RSV2CE?


I already have Douay–Rheims and 2 RSV-2CE’s ( Ignatius and great adventure)

Is the NRSV different enough from the RSV2CE to warrant getting? I’m in Canada and I know NRSV is the translation thats used here which is why I’m considering getting. The gender nuetrallanguage doesn’t bother me which I hear as the only down side to the NRSV. Would your opinion be its worth it or would it be rsv overkill?

Personally, I really enjoy the NRSV’s translation of the text. It reads most of the time butter smooth to me. It is a bit more literal than the NABRE, but not as wooden as the RSV-CE. I would recommend having one in your library. My favorite version is the New Oxford Annotated Bible-NRSV with Apocrypha. It has some of the best critical notes and includes not only the Deuterocanon but also most of the other Old Testament Apocryphal books. I thoroughly enjoy its translation of John 1:18- “No one has ever seen God. It is God the only Son, who is close to the Father’s heart, who has made him known.” The rendering of God the only Son for the greek monogenes theos is spot on in its meaning. A lot of translations, especially the older ones translate that phrase as only-begotten God, but only-begotten is an archaic rendering that doesn’t really get the proper idea out. What monogenes is conveying is a uniqueness of the Son. So the rendering “God the only Son” is truly spot on in my opinion. And the language of the NRSV is just great for reading.


The NSRVCE is the Bible that got me into reading the Bible, so I actually don’t have a very negative view of it. It’s actually very good to have multiple versions of the Bible on hands, so you can see other ways the verse might be translated. My goodness, so many Bible questions today, I love it


Sounds like I’ll get it!

Now to decide which, I was thinking the thinline by Thomas Nelson.

SeekerOfTruth you mentioned Oxford Annotated Bible-NRSV with Apocrypha but has most of the other old testament Apocryphal books, what is it missing.

Would anyone recommend a specific NRSC CE ?

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It has all the Catholic deuterocanonical OT books. But it also includes a few books that aren’t canonical for us, such as Psalm 151 and the Prayer of Manasseh (which are canonical for Eastern Orthodox). It also groups the deuterocanonical texts separately in a section titled the Apocrypha.

Apart from that, the text in the NRSV with Apocrypha is the same as that of the NRSV Catholic Edition.


I find the NRSV CE to be “objectionable” with respect to it’s attempt to “de-genderize” God and it’s distracting use of gender inclusive language. But that’s just me. I burned mine and buried the ashes, RIP.

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Just made my purchase.
The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version Black Genuine Leather.

Hopefully this is the same one that was mentioned.

DeaconJeff, I have no issues with de genderizing God. God is everything and more than just “father”.


Insofar as I know, the NRSV did not attempt to purposefully de-genderise God.

Sometimes this occurs as an unintended consequence because a verse may have a particular theological interpretation that refers to Jesus Christ or another person of the Trinity.

For example Ps 1:1 “Blessed is the man” in the RSV: one historical interpretation of “the man” is Jesus himself, although Haydock’s commentary notes that both Joseph of Arimathea and Josiah were also popular. The NRSV translates it inclusively as “happy are those” due to the immediate context of the psalm being an exhortation to the audience to pursue holiness.


It is a fantastic bible. I have the same leathered version and it is fantastic quality for genuine leather. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks! I will =)

If you are going to get a NRSV-CE, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND the new Word on Fire Bible that is coming out on June 15th with the Gospels.

It uses the NRSV-CE translation


Love the look of this. I will order it when its available. Ive seen youtube reviews already and it sounds amazing! I didnt hold off just for this since it was only the gospels and no clue how often they will be releasing the other books. Wanted something i could get sooner

Sounds like the rest of the New Testament will be in 2021 and the OT some time after

Cool thats not bad then. At least compared to how long ive been waiting for the old testiment of the rsv2ce study bible lol.

I think the World on Fire Bible is going to be multi-volume for a long time, because it has a ton of writings from Bishop Barron and many Doctors of the Church.

The first volume is just the Gospels and the same thickness of some complete Bibles.

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If it’s really cheap, why not? It has been politically corrected, so is not as accurate a translation in that regard.

Looks to be thicker paper, and from videos ive seen single column.

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Going to definitely be getting this. And jsut when i was wondering if there would ever be premium quality Catholic Bibles coming out. Bishop Robert Barron does this. God bless him.

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