NSA leaker Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize


STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Two Norwegian politicians have jointly nominated former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden for the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, saying his disclosures of secret U.S. documents have contributed to making the world more peaceful.





It’s probably a sting operation. They will arrest him when he goes to pick up his award. :slight_smile:


Last year, 259 individuals were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Being nominated really is no big deal, since there is no formal selection criteria. A large number of people, including politicians and professors, are qualified to submit a nomination, should they feel the desire to do so (and most do not.) Being nominated basically means that an individual has made the news and someone liked what that individual did.


:thumbsup: This is quite correct.


Exactly. Being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize has approximately as much significance as getting a trophy for participating in the 6th-grade spelling bee.


Somehow though,
I doubt
that I’ll ever be nominated
for the Nobel Peace Prize.


Its better to receive the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval! The Nobel Peace Prize lost its luster several years ago.


Should have made my last post more clear - Snowden should only be nominated for traitor of the year!:mad:


The Nobel Peace Prize is nothing but a big joke anymore.:mad:


He definitely deserves it!!

Had he not done what he did, it is very unlikely this little scandal would have ever seen the light of day, but thankfully he took action against a corrupt Govt agency committing crimes, and now the entire country is debating it. some for him, some against him, but the main point is, the NSA has been outed for their crimes!

Myself and many others Ive discussed this with, also wonder and worry, if the Govt lied about this, what else are they lying about or hiding from the people? This is what scare most people I think, it shows we cannot trust our Govt or its agencies. Our Govt is one of the people, not the other way around!

Im sticking with the decision of the first judge in this case too…Does it really surprise anyone the Govt was able to go ‘judge shopping’ and find one to agree with their opinion? LOL Id like to see this judges history, I bet he has sided with Govt 100% of the time.


The President lies all the time, most prominently about Benghazi and Obamacare’s grandfathering, so how anyone could be surprised about the government lying is beyond me.

But ironically, in this case, the government didn’t lie about anything and hasn’t been found to have done anything legally wrong. Obama took the most minimal steps he could to serve to placate those who are up in arms, but the whole “government is storing metadata” is a result of the private companies initially balking when given the choice and telling the government they could not accommodate.

Snowdon’s theft was not targeted. He grabbed anything he could get his hands on unrelated to NSA in some cases, and as such, is not a principled whistleblower, but a traitor seeking glory. If legally his crimes are found to amount to espionage, he could end up like Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and be executed, He did immeasurable damage to the US intel community, whose sole reason for existence is to protect the US from attacks, the vast majority of which are never made public.

The amount of ignorance regarding who he is and what exactly he did leads some to believe he is a hero, and that is the nature of intel; yoo will never know what they actually know. However, he is a thief, a liar, a fugitive, and will likely die alone in Russia, rightfully so. He deserves no better. Too many people have died for this country and risk their lives for losers like him to run amok breaking protocol and stealing information.

There is a way to go about raising awareness if you believe something is illegal, but he chose to forgo that and went his own way. If that kind of person is a hero, your idea of heroism is warped. I feel for his family, who may never get to see their son again, but not for him. And in the end, the collection he took it upon himself, a man who never finished college, to decide was illegal, is not being stopped. If his goal was to have the data stored in non-federal storage, then it was worth it, But we know he thought a lot more would happen, and the President’s response was minimal at best, and as such, he threw his life away for nothing. Great job, Ed.


Had he went thru legal channels to try and stop what was going on, we would have never even heard of him, he would have been quietly fired, and disappeared into obscurity.

The first judge DID find what they were doing was illegal, only after the Govt went ‘judge shopping’ did they find another judge who agreed with them. This did not surprise me, lots of judges have different opinions on different things.

Another thing, we all talk about how patriotic the founding fathers and others around the time of the nations founding, but important to remember, according to our laws today, these men would have been considered domestic terrorists and arrested. NO ONE would be calling them patriots!!


Pardon me, I am not willing to respond to your post as it would be an exercise in futility due to your totally ignorant premise.


Do’nt be hatin’ my spelling bee aword!


He deserves it more than Obama.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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