NSA spied on Pope during Conclave


I am so sick and tired of the things this administration is getting away with!

these tactics were enacted under bush post 9-11

Already being discussed in World News

And, by the way, Marie…Echelon was developed under the Clinton Administration (just saying)…as was Carnivore

Thanks for the fact checking… :thumbsup:

Sheesh, no need to pile on the US Intelligence community.

So some random Italian weekly news magazine called Panorama, made the claims, despite offering no evidence? And the response from the Vatican was“We have heard nothing of this and in any case we have no concerns about it.”

Without some evidence, I suspect it is now going to be the in thing to do to claim that NSA was spying on you.

Unless people have read the charter for NSA or its sister agencies, and what they actually tasked with and allowed to do, they are really just blowing smoke based off of Hollywood images and fantasies. If you want to raise concerns about targeting US citizens in country, so be it.

Sometimes I wonder what people think each nation’s spy agencies actuially do, or why they were created. If you disagree with the notion, feel free to abandon the concept, but we have to accept the repercussions that come with no intel gathering too. We simply can’t have it both ways.

It should give no one comfort that this is a tradition of both political “parties.”

I wonder about the implications for any Catholic employees of the NSA who knowingly took part in such a thing, or if the NSA ensured they kept Catholics away from such intelligence gathering.

It’s not okay to do this. The Vatican might be a state, but the Church itself is something beyond states. If the US government decides it has enough problems with the Church that it should direct the all-seeing eye of the NSA towards the Body of Christ, then we as American Catholics might have some serious problems in the future.

At this point, I would not believe anything Snowden says. He has already spilled his guts. Anything else seems deliberately designed to keep his fifteen minutes alive. Mark my words, if he drops out of the limelight, he will come up with something more sensational to slow his fade.

Hopefully they learned something.

He hasn’t released anything else at all. He handed over everything to Glenn Greenwald. The slow release of the leaked documents is a decision by the Guardian and the Washington Post. It has nothing to do with Snowden. In fact, one of the conditions for Snowden’s asylum is that he releases no further classified information. So he can’t do what you say without getting extradited to the United States.

When all this started, Snowden said he had alot of information, not just about the NSA spying, he intended to release it all, but when the pieces fell where they did, he had to refrain from releasing anymore (to the public anyway), I bet Putin knows all about the other things Snowden had though.

It should also be remembered that our founding fathers never guaranteed safety for all US citizens, but did guarantee privacy, and that is exactly the way it should be, it will always be somewhat risky living in a country like the US, that is just the nature of the beast(freedom is never free). the problem is, our govt tries to accomplish both, but we know that can never happen, even the founding fathers realized this.

Well, if the US was in fact spying on the Pope, I am sure some other countries:shrug: was spying on the other Cardinals.

So what we have is hearsay to at least the third degree. No, I do not believe everything I read on the internet or in the newspaper, or everything that anybody ever said, for that matter. Each additional layer makes the rumor less credible, not more.

Hearsay? No. These are leaked documents from the NSA which indisputably prove the federal government has violated the social contract of the United States.

One of our founding documents also happens to point out that the people have a right and duty to abolish or alter a government which becomes corrosive to the ends of liberty and self-government.

No, they are not. They are posts and news.

They were articles with attached documents whose authenticity the federal government acknowledged. The contents of those documents detail a systematic program that explicitly violates the social contract upon which this nation was founded. I am not sure how much more clearly I can state the facts for you.

I agree, but have to wonder, especially since this was widely known at the time, WHY has not one person or group suggested following the constitutions orders? Are US citizens today really that ignorant and spineless?

And even stranger, should a group of people form to actually attempt this, Im almost positive the majority of citizens would see these people as domestic terrorists, even though it is mentioned in the US Constitution!!! The more I read and hear about this country, I wish I had the means and financial ability to leave and live in another country. I feel very sorry for what has become of this once great nation.

Already being discussed in World News

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