Writes to the Senate about the eavesdropping frenzy. (PDF format)
Posted at 03:00 PM at NPR The Corner

New Rule:
If you want to agrue that the president did something illegal you must A.) read this document and B.) Find some other case law that goes against what NSA and it’s thinking.

You can tell that this is dying down as an issue because MSM isn’t putting it up on some of the main pages and yahoo isn’t running it as a headline on it’s main page at all. I think everyone is realzing that they might have rushed to judgement with out all the facts.People have got to realize that we have 3 branches of government not just one or two. The president is allowed to make decisions not just what congress or the media tells him he can do. I am guess that people’s hatred of government and bush’s just goes so deep that people don’t want to wait for the facts before jumping to conculsions. I do want to know when the investigation on who leaked will be done???


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