NSTI (new Saint Thomas institute)? Anyone here a member?

I just listened to the prerecorded show of Taylor Marshall on CA Live and I found his new online program quite interesting but can’t find any real reviews from current or previous members. Is anyone here a member of it? What are your thoughts on the content? Is it worth the $?

YouTube has so much for free now and it’s hard to part with 37$ monthly when there is so much else out there. It seems high if it is just a couple 10 min videos with recommended readings and an associated forum (church militant is only 10 for comparison and has a huge library). An unaccredited certificate doesn’t seem to hold much weight either.

Are my impressions correct?

No one here is familiar, or had experience, with nsti?

Never heard of it.

I have read his books and follow his blog, but I have not done NSTI.

Yes, it is good. Yes, it is pricey. It does add up over time. And if you do not make use of it you are throwing away money as all effort depends on you. So if you are not self motivated it could be a waste of money. However, If you are motivated and disciplined enough to take the courses then you could get your money’s worth. At least that’s my experience.

Think of it like a gym membership. If you pay your monthly fee but you don’t go to the gym then you are wasting your money. On the other hand if you go regularly you reap the benefits. The NSTI course is probably better just to go through the course quickly and then after you are done you could go back and review. The more time you spend on any area the more money you will pay in the long run. I have had months where i didn’t do anything. So I lost some money for sure.

But you felt the content was worth it? Its so hard to justify parting with our hard earned cash these days with so many other free options out there.

It’s really, really good. I stopped because of financial issues, but I thought it was quality.

No, you are not going to get any hidden information that you can’t find anywhere else. But basing your hard earned money looking for secret info to divulge in is what keeps the fitness industry alive e.g “You can lose 10Ibs in 10 weeks if you just spends $10 today and join the new diet revolution!”

Anyone can learn anything about getting healthier and fitter by scouring the internet. There are even free videos to show you how you can get seriously fit just by doing a workout in the bedroom. But practically speaking, most people will see better results by spending money and going to a gym, using “unnecessary” weights and treadmills for the desired effect, because of the psychology of going to the gym, the environment which is motivating, and the professionals that work there and can help you.

It’s the very same with paid courses in philosophy and theology. You can get pretty much everything by reading the Bible, the Summa, and the commentaries of the saints. But at $37 a month, Dr. Taylor Marshall is essentially your personal trainer, giving you a fantastic system on which to build your understanding of Christianity. It won’t make you a better Catholic (praying the Rosary every day will do that, and Dr. Marshall even says this), but it will make you a more knowledgable one.

And on a more personal note, it’s of my opinion that Catholics should spend money when available when it comes to increasing their knowledge in the faith, more so than spending money on clothes, entertainment, and luxury foods.

not getting a refund; opted for a trial month for $1 and forgot to cancel. they would not refund. not impressed with that.

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