NT corrects OT?

I was talking to a non-denominational denomination coworker at work and she told me the following:

  1. She believes in spirituality and not religion.

  2. The New Testament corrects the Old Testament.

  3. The Bible and works are both living. How else could Faith without works be dead? Religion is dead though while spirituality is living?

She is a devout Christian/Protestant. We stopped talking before I could answers. Could any of you out there help me understand what she might mean by these comments and if they, or similar ones, have been used on you? If you are a Protestant do you use the same points and what do you mean by them?

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In my opinion, she just struck out on those three pitches!

Spirituality, instead of Religion? That’s just another way of justifying your own actions. Did Jesus leave behind a “Spirituality” or a Church? I believe in (by far) most cases, you can’t have spirituality without religion.

The New Testament fulfills the Old Testament, it doesn’t correct it. The New Testament is hidden in the Old, and the Old Testament is revealed in the New - St. Augustine

The Bible reveals God’s Word (which is living). But is the Bible living? Depends on what sense you mean by living.

  1. The Bible is not living, at least in the sense that “living” implies that laws are changeable, as in the US Constitution, a living document.
  2. The Bible (or God’s Word) is living, meaning it is still true and applies to us today. If the Bible is living in this sense, then the Church that Jesus left us still applies today.

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Thanks, good points.

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