“Nudity laws still apply”

Police warn of coming crackdown on lewd behavior at San Francisco street fair

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Instead of just possibly revoking their permit ‘next year’, why not ticket and arrest those that are breaking the law?

They should do both - arrest those who break the law and revoke the permit if there are multiple offenses.

I would also hope that any children in attendence to these events be taken directly to
child welfare offices.



Parent arrested for child endangerment.

I’m glad I live where I do. These reported behaviors exhibit total disdain for basic human dignity. Those who engage in them must have had some dreadful experiences in their youth.

New Orleans police officers need to do the same. Who would have thought the SF police would beat a PD in the south in enforcing laws against public lewdness. I guess money talks too much in the Big Easy.

My experience in San Fransciso is that most people are good and decent; there are enclaves of non-conformists who feel unfulfilled and seek recognition by outrageous actions. They get more press than they deserve. New Orleans, however, advertises itself as “The Big Easy” and conducts itself accordingly, to the delight of jaded tourists who enjoy, I guess, the sex, drug, rock n roll, and the stench of garbage in the French Quarter. I would be surprised if any large urban police force is as corrupt as that in New Orleans.

Yuk, how sleezy. More than just nudity is happening there. I have heard of monkeys in a zoo doing the same thing. :eek:

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