Nullity Case?

A friend was married in the Roman Catholic Church. That marriage ended in divorce, with one child. He subsequently ended up in another relationship (without any marriage ceremony) with whom they had one child, she had two already. Now they have separated, she has left the house for another man.
My question is in regards to the Sacraments, I’m thinking he needs to go to confession after which he could go to Holy Communion. Further I’m saying he needs to formally end the second relationship and then file a Nullity Case Petition for his first marriage. But with Confession he should be able to return to the Lord’s table to receive Holy Communion. But what do I know, I’m a generic layperson who is grateful for being able to receive Our Lord’s body and blood.

You are correct. The Church considers him still married. Therefore he should not be entering into dating relationships without first obtaining a decree of nullity (annulment) for his marriage. Since his dating relationship with another woman has ended, he just needs to make a good confession in order to return to the sacraments. His status, at this point, is simply as a divorced person. Divorced persons do not face any canonical penalties.

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